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1/1/2012 – I have been hearing a lot about the relatively new link emporer service.  I have to admit that it sounds intriguing.  Accordingly I have decided its time to try it out.  I’m going to document my experiences here.

First observation.  I applied using a discount code – so the price is 127 per month, rather than the normal $149.  Unfortunately it was processed at the full price (I am using the low end Alexander project).

I have shot off a note to them requesting resolution, so that will be a good test of what kind of people are behind the outfit.  No response yet, but it is the holiday weekend – so I’ll give them a couple of days before passing judgement.

The service itself?  They provide a series of 7 videos to watch when you first join. It is all relatively simple, and I created the maximum of 3 campaigns with a range of landing pages and keyword combinations.

I opted not to connect the application to Google analytics – healthy paranoia:)  Though to be fair I don’t have it installed on many sites, so it would be of limited use to me. I might try doing that later on if I keep the Link Emporer service however.

After about 12 hours a few link operations have kicked off. I have stuck with the default allocations, which uses a variety of different link services.  This I think is the potential strong point of this service, you can get a lot of link diversity while only paying for one service.

I have tried various other link building programs on and off, and several of them are covered in here.

Also worth noting is that the software interface is a simple web browser.  There is no software to install on your PC – or ona server that you are responsible for maintaining.  this means there is absolutely no hardware costs for you associated with your link emporer subscription.

On the negative side, you could probably do a lot of this linkbuilding thru cheap FiveRR and various other services. BUT, it would be al ot of work organizing, scheduling, keeping track of all those efforts.

With link emporer you may pay some for the privilige, but you can really get your linkbuilding efforts setup easily and then they are largely put on autopilot. That is the theory anyway!

Time will tell just how effective it is.  I’ll be sure to post some updates of my experience with the package in the near future, and provide a more comprehensive link emporer review.

If you want to check them out visit here (disclaimer – this is an affiliate link).

UPDATE – 2/1/12

Well, just prior to my monthly renewal date I decided to go ahead and cancel this service.  I still think they have a great offering, but at the level I purchased (which I believe is not offered any more) the amount of linking for the dollar just wasn’t economical.  Their lowest level offering now is close to $500, which does include a lot more link credits per month.  For someone with my level of Internet Marketing income/expenses it really doesn’t make sense financially.  However, I can still see it being a value product for those offering high priced SEO services to deep pocketed businesses  – Link Emperor definitely does eliminate a whole lot of grunt work.

Overall I still  recommend the product, but only if you can have clients willing to cover the cost of their more expensive offerings – and honestly, not many of us do!



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