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I’ve been spending a bit of time on the site lately. It has some great information for those interested in building a lot of small websites fast.

I have decided to expand a bit in this direction and develop a lot more domains. I’ve been doing it halfheartedly but I think I can built a pretty good system using the tips Justin and Joe provide.

Will it give me instant wealth? No, I doubt it.  But I think its another way to reinvest my earnings from my TKA sites, as I am still smarting from the Panda slap.

I don’t know how people do this for a living.  I seem to constantly be spending all my IM income – which has hovered around $1000 a month for quite some time now – on trying new IM things, and not all of them are successful!

However,  I am acquiring a growing stable of web properties – on MY sites most importantly – and am having a lot of fun doing it.  Sure beats playing computer games!

1/12/11 – Here is an update on these efforts.  Since I’ve decided to do this on a sizable scale I’ve invested in quite a bit of software that will hopefully make it scalable.  I do realize now I’ve spent more than I thought…but hey, you got to spend money to make money. I could have done without some of these tools, but they are handy.  This is what I’ve bought so far.

WPTwin cloning software.

I tried the ManageWP software the Adsense Flipper guys like.  I found the concept great, but it only seemed to work properly some times.  I would be putzing around trying to clone a site with it and getting all sorts of errors.  The automatic upgrading feature seems to work great, but for now I’m more interested in quick clones.  I purchased WPTwin and it works great.

I setup a wordpress site with no posts, but with a range of plugins and themes installed and configured.  It very easily copies everything over to new domains and there is very little to do before putting up the relevant posts. I recommend WPTwin for anyone who uses wordpress a lot.

Godaddy Discount Domain Club.

I purchased this because I was sick of digging around for coupons. I’m not convinced this membership actually saves any money on new domains – though it may on renewals – but no longer having to scrounge for Godaddy coupons is worth it for me.

One tip to note, if you take the time to look for one last Godaddy coupon you can apply it to the purchase price of this. I was able to the my discount domain club membership for just a little under $70 after coupon.

Long Tail Pro

I’d read quite a few good reviews about Longtail Pro, some software developer by Spencer of  It was plugged as a good way to speed up keyword research. I’ve never really felt the need for anything other than the now defunct Niche Refinery from TKA in combination with Googles Adwords tool before, but since I’m trying to scale-up I figure I will be doing a lot more of this type of analysis before.

I’ve used this software a few times since I bought it, and picked up about 15 domains based on its results so far. It would have taken me a long time to do what it does by hand – so long I might not even have bothered:)

This software is very handy if you are going to be doing a lot of niche site – where the primary limitation is making the process faster so can you do more.  I’d recommend it if you have the purchase price of $97, and are looking to do bulk site building in minimal time.

Godaddy Hosting

I spent a good chunk of change on getting 2 years of Godaddy hosting. I have to admit I regret doing this, I think I was just blindly mimic’ing Justin and Joe:)  The hosting itself seems fine, but I could have used one of my existing non-godaddy accounts just as easily.

About the only justification I have to myself is that I wanted this batch of rather thin sites separated from my existing ones.  But I  know I’m not really fooling Google by doing so. If you have decent hosting this is one expense you really don’t need to incur when entering the niche site business.





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