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Time for an update on my mass niche site creation program – 02/19/12

I have purchased between 45-50 domains in the last 2 months. The Adsense Flippers guys really motivate me to get my butt into gear!  For now however – at least for a while – I have decided to put a pause on the domain purchases.  I have most of these new sites built out basically with a half a dozen posts targeting a main keyword and varying related keywords.

I’ve done some backlinking to most of them – some automated, and some via the TKA postrunner service. I’m trying to trim expenses right now, so I am going to do some more backlinking and wait a while to see what happens when these domains age.  I know that is a rather cautious approach, but for me this is a hell of a lot of domains – as much as I admire the success of the Adsense Flippers and Niche Pursuits guys, I want some evidence that I can replicate it myself.  I think my domain sample set is large enough to provide a decent experiment.

One thing to note.  I tried to target keywords somewhat related to niches I already have sites on.  This way even if they turn out to be duds, I can at least use these domains as support sites for some of my older domains.  Smart thinking huh?:)  So far a few of them are showing a little traffic.  One is on track to get 150 uniques this month with minimal work, its ranking very low first page with minimal backlinking so may be my first success.

I’ll readily admit these results are not particularly impressive, but it is worth remembering that the great bulk of these sites are less than 45 days old, and for some of them it took me a couple of weeks to build and populate them – let alone start the backlinking.

Hopefully a couple of months from now I’ll be looking fondly back at these memories of what some of me $50 a month sites used to look like:)

On a related note!  My adsense income – which was devastated in October by Panda – is finally back up to where it used to be.  I made just over $1000 in January, and its looking like it will go up slightly for February.  I give credit to Dave of the Zen Duck Pond (great forum, I recommend it) for this success. I took some of his recommendation of niche domination to build backups to my earners, and it is paying off – and it was through some circuitous route from there to Adsense Flippers that this ‘random niche site’ project took shape!



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