Niche Site Progress

Time for an update on my mass niche site creation program – 02/19/12

I have purchased between 45-50 domains in the last 2 months. The Adsense Flippers guys really motivate me to get my butt into gear!  For now however – at least for a while – I have decided to put a pause on the domain purchases.  I have most of these new sites built out basically with a half a dozen posts targeting a main keyword and varying related keywords.

I’ve done some backlinking to most of them – some automated, and some via the TKA postrunner service. I’m trying to trim expenses right now, so I am going to do some more backlinking and wait a while to see what happens when these domains age.  I know that is a rather cautious approach, but for me this is a hell of a lot of domains – as much as I admire the success of the Adsense Flippers and Niche Pursuits guys, I want some evidence that I can replicate it myself.  I think my domain sample set is large enough to provide a decent experiment.

One thing to note.  I tried to target keywords somewhat related to niches I already have sites on.  This way even if they turn out to be duds, I can at least use these domains as support sites for some of my older domains.  Smart thinking huh?:)  So far a few of them are showing a little traffic.  One is on track to get 150 uniques this month with minimal work, its ranking very low first page with minimal backlinking so may be my first success.

I’ll readily admit these results are not particularly impressive, but it is worth remembering that the great bulk of these sites are less than 45 days old, and for some of them it took me a couple of weeks to build and populate them – let alone start the backlinking.

Hopefully a couple of months from now I’ll be looking fondly back at these memories of what some of me $50 a month sites used to look like:)

On a related note!  My adsense income – which was devastated in October by Panda – is finally back up to where it used to be.  I made just over $1000 in January, and its looking like it will go up slightly for February.  I give credit to Dave of the Zen Duck Pond (great forum, I recommend it) for this success. I took some of his recommendation of niche domination to build backups to my earners, and it is paying off – and it was through some circuitous route from there to Adsense Flippers that this ‘random niche site’ project took shape!




Adsense Flipper Techniques

I’ve been spending a bit of time on the site lately. It has some great information for those interested in building a lot of small websites fast.

I have decided to expand a bit in this direction and develop a lot more domains. I’ve been doing it halfheartedly but I think I can built a pretty good system using the tips Justin and Joe provide.

Will it give me instant wealth? No, I doubt it.  But I think its another way to reinvest my earnings from my TKA sites, as I am still smarting from the Panda slap.

I don’t know how people do this for a living.  I seem to constantly be spending all my IM income – which has hovered around $1000 a month for quite some time now – on trying new IM things, and not all of them are successful!

However,  I am acquiring a growing stable of web properties – on MY sites most importantly – and am having a lot of fun doing it.  Sure beats playing computer games!

1/12/11 – Here is an update on these efforts.  Since I’ve decided to do this on a sizable scale I’ve invested in quite a bit of software that will hopefully make it scalable.  I do realize now I’ve spent more than I thought…but hey, you got to spend money to make money. I could have done without some of these tools, but they are handy.  This is what I’ve bought so far.

WPTwin cloning software.

I tried the ManageWP software the Adsense Flipper guys like.  I found the concept great, but it only seemed to work properly some times.  I would be putzing around trying to clone a site with it and getting all sorts of errors.  The automatic upgrading feature seems to work great, but for now I’m more interested in quick clones.  I purchased WPTwin and it works great.

I setup a wordpress site with no posts, but with a range of plugins and themes installed and configured.  It very easily copies everything over to new domains and there is very little to do before putting up the relevant posts. I recommend WPTwin for anyone who uses wordpress a lot.

Godaddy Discount Domain Club.

I purchased this because I was sick of digging around for coupons. I’m not convinced this membership actually saves any money on new domains – though it may on renewals – but no longer having to scrounge for Godaddy coupons is worth it for me.

One tip to note, if you take the time to look for one last Godaddy coupon you can apply it to the purchase price of this. I was able to the my discount domain club membership for just a little under $70 after coupon.

Long Tail Pro

I’d read quite a few good reviews about Longtail Pro, some software developer by Spencer of  It was plugged as a good way to speed up keyword research. I’ve never really felt the need for anything other than the now defunct Niche Refinery from TKA in combination with Googles Adwords tool before, but since I’m trying to scale-up I figure I will be doing a lot more of this type of analysis before.

I’ve used this software a few times since I bought it, and picked up about 15 domains based on its results so far. It would have taken me a long time to do what it does by hand – so long I might not even have bothered:)

This software is very handy if you are going to be doing a lot of niche site – where the primary limitation is making the process faster so can you do more.  I’d recommend it if you have the purchase price of $97, and are looking to do bulk site building in minimal time.

Godaddy Hosting

I spent a good chunk of change on getting 2 years of Godaddy hosting. I have to admit I regret doing this, I think I was just blindly mimic’ing Justin and Joe:)  The hosting itself seems fine, but I could have used one of my existing non-godaddy accounts just as easily.

About the only justification I have to myself is that I wanted this batch of rather thin sites separated from my existing ones.  But I  know I’m not really fooling Google by doing so. If you have decent hosting this is one expense you really don’t need to incur when entering the niche site business.






Link Emporer Reviews

1/1/2012 – I have been hearing a lot about the relatively new link emporer service.  I have to admit that it sounds intriguing.  Accordingly I have decided its time to try it out.  I’m going to document my experiences here.

First observation.  I applied using a discount code – so the price is 127 per month, rather than the normal $149.  Unfortunately it was processed at the full price (I am using the low end Alexander project).

I have shot off a note to them requesting resolution, so that will be a good test of what kind of people are behind the outfit.  No response yet, but it is the holiday weekend – so I’ll give them a couple of days before passing judgement.

The service itself?  They provide a series of 7 videos to watch when you first join. It is all relatively simple, and I created the maximum of 3 campaigns with a range of landing pages and keyword combinations.

I opted not to connect the application to Google analytics – healthy paranoia:)  Though to be fair I don’t have it installed on many sites, so it would be of limited use to me. I might try doing that later on if I keep the Link Emporer service however.

After about 12 hours a few link operations have kicked off. I have stuck with the default allocations, which uses a variety of different link services.  This I think is the potential strong point of this service, you can get a lot of link diversity while only paying for one service.

I have tried various other link building programs on and off, and several of them are covered in here.

Also worth noting is that the software interface is a simple web browser.  There is no software to install on your PC – or ona server that you are responsible for maintaining.  this means there is absolutely no hardware costs for you associated with your link emporer subscription.

On the negative side, you could probably do a lot of this linkbuilding thru cheap FiveRR and various other services. BUT, it would be al ot of work organizing, scheduling, keeping track of all those efforts.

With link emporer you may pay some for the privilige, but you can really get your linkbuilding efforts setup easily and then they are largely put on autopilot. That is the theory anyway!

Time will tell just how effective it is.  I’ll be sure to post some updates of my experience with the package in the near future, and provide a more comprehensive link emporer review.

If you want to check them out visit here (disclaimer – this is an affiliate link).

UPDATE – 2/1/12

Well, just prior to my monthly renewal date I decided to go ahead and cancel this service.  I still think they have a great offering, but at the level I purchased (which I believe is not offered any more) the amount of linking for the dollar just wasn’t economical.  Their lowest level offering now is close to $500, which does include a lot more link credits per month.  For someone with my level of Internet Marketing income/expenses it really doesn’t make sense financially.  However, I can still see it being a value product for those offering high priced SEO services to deep pocketed businesses  – Link Emperor definitely does eliminate a whole lot of grunt work.

Overall I still  recommend the product, but only if you can have clients willing to cover the cost of their more expensive offerings – and honestly, not many of us do!




Using The Keyword Academy(TKA) as your key to making a living online

If you have made it to this page, you are more than likely trying to figure out a way to make money online.  Below I will introduce you to some of the methods and pitfalls of making money online, and explain why I think The Keyword Academy is the best program out there.

I remember when I first got interested in earning extra money online. I used to spend a bunch of time googling for programs, tip and ideas on how to easily make passive income online.  I had daydreams – perhaps you do too – of sitting on a beach with a Laptop, and checking in once a day to see how much money the internet had made or me since breakfast.

The big problem I encountered was that all the programs offering you the chance to make money seemed suspiciously too good to be true.  The unfortunate fact is that there are a lot of people who make their living online by convincing others to buy programs that will teach them to make money online. Most of these programs are in essence online pyramid schemes.

As you get deeper into the realm of ‘internet marketing’ you will learn a lot of it is about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  This  the art/science of making particular pages rank well in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) when people search for certain terms.

SERP Example Google Search Engine Results

There are a lot of acronyms in IM (Internet Marketing), and I will try to explain each one as I go. Pictured here is an example of a SERP page, the major goal in the Internet Marketing business is to have a page you own (in this case the search was for ‘make money online’) show up first in the results. If this goal is achieved then when someone like yourself (who is interested in making money online) does a search for the term, the first thing they will see is your page.

Once a visitor sees your page in the search engine results, there is a good chance they will click through and visit the site you are promoting.  Once there the visitor can be ‘monetized’ (the act of turning internet traffic into money for the site owner).  This can be accomplished thru various methods.  They are primarily by presenting advertisements related to the search term (easily obtained from Googles Adsense program), or by encouraging them to click on ‘affiliate links’ to sites that pay commissions.

Let me explain affiliate links for a minute.  TKA (The Keyword Academy) is one site that has an affiliate program.  You can see the text ‘TKA (The Keyword Academy)’ is actually a clickable link.  When a visitor clicks on the link they are taken to the Keyword Academy site, and given their sales pitch.  If a visitor who arrives via this link from my site decides to join I get paid a referral fee.

This may sound a bit strange – dodgy even – but pretty much any service that you sign up to online has this type of program, even the most reputable ones.  Subscribe to a magazine online?  Odds are someone has made an affiliate commission of you doing so.

It is not just membership programs either.  Even things as simple as an article about a product sold on Amazon might include an affiiliate link that ‘triggers’ when you click on a picture of the product.  The person who sent you to Amazon that day gets a small slice of the profits if you buy anything.

That brief – well, not so brief – intro covers the ‘why’ of how its possible to make money online, but does not tell you how.  Unsurprisingly, when there is money to be made, there are a lot of people competing for the opportunity.

The first thing you should remember is – DO NOT TRUST GOOGLE ON THIS.  The IM business is full of people trying to make money online by having show their results first in the SERP pages.

If you are searching for something like the ‘distance of earth from the moon’, Google is going to do a good job of providing useful Search results.  But if you are googling ‘making money online’ you are going to get a whole bunch of junk.  Don’t just sign up to the first program you see – many of them are very expensive and over promise.

I personally recommend The Keyword Academy.  Did those words give you a warm fuzzy?  Many sites will contain heartfelt testimonials about an Internet Marketing service or program.  Some people are experts in writing ‘sales copy’ (the art of using persuasive words to convert readers into buyers) – the use of first person recommendations and testimonials are a key part of this.

This whole article is sales copy really!  So why should you trust my recommendation?  You probably shouldn’t!  I’ll make money if you click one of my Keyword Academy affiliate links and sign up, so it is clearly in my best interests that you do so:)

Nevertheless, if you have read this far, I will give you my sales spiel! Here are some of the best things about TKA:

  • Free to try for a month – many IM programs require a large upfront payment.  If they don’t deliver what they promise, you are quiet frankly out of luck.  With the Keyword Academy you get to see what they offer without having to pay a cent.  Subscription management is through Paypal, so if you decide to cancel you can just cancel the membership from within paypal – it is not possible for anyone at TKA to ‘refuse’ to let you cancel.
  • $33 a month after the first month – if you decide to stick around after the first month, it doesn’t really cost that much. Well, let me clarify that.  It is a good value if you actually value the program. Paying the monthly fee doesn’t make much sense if you can’t be bothered doing the work, in which case you should probably cancel.  But by the end of the first month you should have had time to decide if you are up to it or not.
  • It is Legit – many programs encourage you partake in all sorts of shady practices (also known as ‘black hat’) that fill the internet with junk that Google does not approve of.  This can fool Google for a while, but eventually the SERP results will catch up with you and your pages will be outperformed by better quality ones.
  • It works – this is where you have to decide if you trust me or not:)  I went from making something like 50 cents a month online to just over 1000 dollars  a month online in 14 months following the TKA program.  That income does not take much work to maintain.  This does not include affiliate income (from posts like this one!). It is purely from presenting informative articles about everyday topics and products and letting google ‘serve’ (display) those articles – and related advertisements – to searchers on a daily basis.

So would a Keyword Academy membership do the same for you? I’m going to be honest and say there is no guarantee.  It takes a lot of work to succeed in the Internet Marketing business.  It is not particularly ‘hard work’ (as it is relatively easy to follow the steps the TKA program provides), but you will have to ‘work hard’.  Hopefully you grasp the difference!

Many people join for a month and decide they don’t want to pay for the program, or they don’t want to do all that work.  That is fine, since the first month is free it doesn’t cost them a cent.

However, if you are serious about earning money online – whether to supplement your day job, or to replace it – this program can make you money if you stick to it!

Try out the Keyword academy free trial for yourself, it may change your life!  (That is another sales copy line, but I think it has some truth to it)

One day I hope to make enough online that my dreams of sitting on the beach with my laptop checking on my passive income come true. Good luck to you with your dreams!